Aids to Daily Living

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Aids To Daily Living

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Aids to daily living, or ADLs, are extremely useful devices and tools to help people with disabilities achieve their highest level of functioning possible while improving their quality of life. Other terms for ADLs include “adaptive technology” and “assistive devices.” These tools assist people with disabilities so they can remain independent, accomplishing everyday tasks much more easily than they would otherwise be able to do. Several categories of ADLs exist, from dressing and hygiene aids to medication organizers and therapy tools, all of which help to make people with disabilities more comfortable and confident in their daily lives.

Medical supply stores like Miraculous Medical Supplies in Miami, Florida, are fully stocked with ADL products for people with disabilities. Some of these include bathing apparatus, Carex Zippers, pill splitters, grab bars, walker organizers, denture brushes, magnifying glasses, and more. If you’re in need of ADLs to help you accomplish your daily tasks more easily, our staff can help you to find exactly what you require.

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