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Compression clothing can be used for many reasons. We see professional athletes wear them on their arms and legs to help boost performance. Elderly people may wear them to increase blood circulation. If someone has an injury, they could use compression clothing to help speed recovery. Having good blood flow through our bodies is vital for us to go about our day effectively. If you have poor blood circulation you may notice numbness or tingling in certain areas, change in skin temperature or color, and possibly fatigue. Legs may be the easiest to identify as we tend to use those the most.

To help increase blood flow, compression clothing can be worn. We have a large selection of compression socks, gloves, maternity clothing, and much more. Everybody is unique in their own way and we understand that. That is why we have a variety of brands and styles that will help you no matter the situation. We are here to help you boost your performance, recover quicker, or bring you comfortably.

Miraculous Medical Supplies is the recommended choice for buying high quality compression stockings for 8 Reasons:

1. Wide selection and Large inventory for Compression stockings to choose from
2. Friendly customer service to assist in finding the amount of compression your physician has recommend best for you.
3. Highly trained and skilled professional staff to measure your arms or legs for the appropriate size compression wear.
4. Miraculous Medical Supplies provides each customer with their expert time and knowledge to assure they have made the right choice by showing sample options of colors, textures, thickness. This prevent frustration and un-necessary returns.
5. Assistance with choosing Below knee, thigh high, panty hose, and arm compression wear.
6. Miraculous Medical Supplies allows their customers to try the compression stockings on to make sure they are the right fit and buying choice for them.
7. Miraculous Medical Supplies share their expert knowledge of how to properly care for the compression wear to avoid shrinkage, and to preserve the life of the stockings as long as possible.
8. Excellent quality at an affordable price.

At Miraculous Medical, we strive to bring our customers the best products from the brands they trust! Please contact us with any questions. Browse our online catalogs and if you can’t find what you are looking for, don’t hesitate to call us at (786) 701-8843 and we’ll be happy to assist you!

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Sigvaris® Compression Apparel

If you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your legs healthy while increasing your energy and improving your circulation, you’ll be well on your way with Sigvaris compression apparel. Whether you’re living with edema or any other chronic venous disorder, you’ll find that these products are designed just for you. Sigvaris® was founded several decades ago with the help of physician expertise, so you can count on the reliability of these compression apparel products. As an industry leader, the company is committed to providing patients with medically sound products that deliver a superior level of quality and comfort. Sigvaris® is on a mission to help improve leg health through its offering of high-quality products.

There are various uses for compression apparel products. Oftentimes, professional athletes wear compression clothing on their arms and legs to boost their performance. Many seniors will take advantage of this type of clothing to increase blood circulation. Compression clothing is also a great option for accelerating recovery time after an injury. If you’re ready to see what compressional apparel can do for you, contact Miraculous Medical Supplies today! We’re conveniently located in Miami, Florida. We’re proud to carry a wide selection of inventory, including Sigvaris® compression apparel.

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