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Pain Management

At Miraculous Medical Supplies, we have a wide range of products to help with your pain.

Managing chronic pain can be extremely challenging. Fortunately, there are a number of products on the market available that can assist in pain management for a variety of conditions that cause pain, from arthritis to inflammation to muscle strain. Miraculous Medical Supplies in Miami, Florida, carries a great selection of pain management products to help you alleviate pain easily and strengthen your muscles with exercise equipment.

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Heating Pads / Heat Therapy

Using heat therapy for pain can improve circulation and increase the temperature of the area, which alleviates pain while increasing muscle flexibility. Heat therapy can even heal damaged tissues to reduce pain. Dry heat therapy comes from devices heating pads and is easy to apply. Moist heat involves moist heating packs or hot baths.

Ice Packs / Cold Therapy

Cryotherapy or cold therapy, by contrast, reduces blood flow to an area, which can help to lower swelling and inflammation in tendons and joints. Nerve activity is also reduced by cold therapy, which temporarily alleviates pain. Ice packs, frozen gel packs, ice massages, and coolant sprays are some of the cold therapy pain management products available. Cold therapy should be avoided if you suffer from stiff muscles and poor circulation.

Exercise Balls For Back Pain

Using an exercise ball is a low-stress way to help strengthen your core muscles to stabilize your spine, which in turn can relieve chronic lower back pain. When sitting and balancing on the exercise ball, the inherent instability forces the body’s muscles to respond to keep you balanced, which builds strength over time.

Shoulder / Exercise Pulleys

Shoulder pain and recovery from rotator cuff surgery can reduce your ability to use your arms for everyday tasks and cause pain that prevents you from sleeping. Using shoulder pulleys for physical therapy can help to decrease pain in the arms and shoulders while improving shoulder strength, range of motion and posture.

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