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When you’re in need of a respiratory solution for your obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) or any other disorder that affects your breathing, it’s crucial to find a product that you can rely on. There are several different options available so it’s important to learn their different uses and benefits so you can make the right decision. The most common treatment options include CPAP machines and nebulizers. These two products work in different ways so we want to make sure customers understand the function of each. We’ve put together some helpful information on these two products so you can be well-informed and prepared to choose the product that’s best for you.

Your breathing and sleep don’t need to suffer any longer. At Miraculous Medical Supplies in Miami, FL, we carry a number of excellent products that will offer you the respiratory solutions you’ve been dreaming about. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is happy to assist you in finding the right machine for your needs. Contact us today so you can take control of your respiratory health.

About CPAP Machines

CPAP machines are probably the most common form of treatment for sleep apnea. The machine works with a single pressure setting that remains consistent for the duration of the night. Some models come with a ramp feature, which starts off at a lower setting and gradually increases to the prescribed level of pressure. Some people prefer a machine with this feature because it starts out with soft pressure and works its way up, rather than an immediate burst of pressure. Once your machine reaches the prescribed pressure level, it will remain there for the rest of the night.

 About Nebulizers

The main decision you’ll need to make when choosing a nebulizer is whether you’ll go with a portable or a handheld model. There are also two types of nebulizers to choose from as well, which is the jet nebulizer and the ultrasonic nebulizer. These two products might be similar but they do offer different features. The jet or aerosol nebulizers deliver air from a piston-powered compression via liquid medication. This option tends to be the most affordable in comparison to the ultrasonic nebulizer. While the jet nebulizer is just as effective, it can be rather noisy. Ultrasonic nebulizers tend to be quieter and delivers the medication much quicker than the jet model.

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