Mobility-Enhancing Wheelchairs

Get Out and About on Wheels That Fit Your Lifestyle.

Not every wheelchair is built the same. With recent improvements in design and technology, these useful devices have shifted from a one-size-fits-all solution to a more specialized approach to an individual user’s body. The process of selecting a wheelchair now involves making decisions based on accessibility, materials and environment, among many other factors. Don’t let the wealth of options overwhelm you, come to Miraculous Medical Supplies for a full-service treatment.

Our fantastic staff will walk you through all your options to help you make the best decision possible for your unique lifestyle. Perhaps you are looking for something lightweight and easily transferable – these models are popular for users who travel often, are injured or have back pain which can make lifting a chore. However, it is important to weigh that consideration against the rugged, heavy-duty designs that can stand up better to the demands of travel.

Helping to get you or your loved one in a wheelchair that fits your lifestyle, needs, and desires is the ultimate goal of our kind and professional staff at Miraculous Medical Supplies.

Check Out Our Popular Models:

Cruiser III

The Cruiser III is an extremely versatile and lightweight option. This model is our most popular option due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Silver Sport

The Silver Sport is an affordable option for a heavy-weight unit. Solid construction and durable design make for long-lasting performance.

Blue Streak

Roll around town in a wheelchair as unique as your personality. Stylish blue color combines with heavy-weight tubing in an affordable model.

Wheelchair Accessories

Once you find the perfect wheelchair, the next step is customization. Outfit your wheelchair with accessories that can make your experience more comfortable, convenient, safe and stylish! Adding cushions and upholstery can care for your back where you need it most, or implementing extenders and limb supports can make the chair more suited to your individual size and shape. Find the right accessory to transform any chair into an extension of home.

You can rely on our staff to help you find the right accessories to optimize your wheelchair. Browse our selection below or stop in to check them out for yourself. We are happy to help you with any sizing or special order concerns – come by today to get started!

Power Wheelchairs

We also have access to Drive Medical power wheelchairs for users who need additional help getting around. Though we don’t keep these units in stock, we can help you with selecting the perfect one, and have it drop-shipped right to your door.

Give us a call if you need any further information or have questions about your power wheelchair options.

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We are proud to have over 50 five-star reviews from happy customers who have put their trust in our service and selection. We hope your experience will be as fulfilling as theirs!

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